Post-foreclosure Evictions in Utah

After a home or commercial property has been foreclosed, the tenants or even new owners might be unsure about the eviction process that follows. If you are uncertain about the ways to evict a tenant after the foreclosure of a property, Landlord Support Services can help you.

How Long Can a Tenant Stay After Foreclosure?

Part of the eviction process is finding out how long a tenant is allowed to stay after a foreclosure. The results of this process can vary depending on the relation of the tenant, the previous lease terms, and several additional factors.

Some tenants, if they are not “bona fide” tenants under federal law, may be forced to move within five days.  Bona fide tenants, as defined by the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009 and subsequent amendments, may be allowed to stay for up to 90 days, depending on the circumstances.

In some situations, the tenant may be allowed to stay for longer than 90 days. If you are unsure about how long the tenant should be allowed to stay, please don’t hesitate to ask Landlord Support Services.

Notifying the Tenant

Once we have determined how long the tenant is legally allowed to stay, we can notify the tenant of the impending eviction for you. This takes the painful burden of the eviction process from you and puts it on our capable shoulders. At Landlord Support Services, we offer eviction services in a way that is effective, understanding, and firm.

The notification process that is used for tenants residing in property that has been foreclosed is different than the notification process for regular residential evictions. We’ll take care of the whole process, though, so you don’t have to worry about missing the crucial differences.

Let Us Handle Post-foreclosure Evictions

Because we are trained to understand eviction laws, we can make the post-foreclosure eviction process go smoothly. When you let us handle the situation, you can rest assured that everything is being taken care of competently. If you need help with a post-foreclosure eviction in Utah, call Utah Landlord Support Services today at (801)-476-0303.