Commercial Evictions

Though evicting a tenant is never easy, it is important to uphold the standards of the commercial building for which you are a landlord in order to continue to attract qualified tenants. Because eviction can be a difficult process with many statutes and rules that you, as a landlord, are expected to follow, Landlord Support Services wants to help you with your commercial evictions.

Just like with residential tenants, commercial tenants are expected to pay the agreed amount of rent on time. In addition, there are usually common area maintenance (CAM) fees and other costs that the commercial tenant will be expected to pay.  In a commercial building, there might also be certain rules that the tenant is expected to follow. If these rules are not followed or fees go unpaid, you, as the landlord, have the right to evict the tenant from the building.

Notifying the Tenant

We understand that telling your tenants that they will be evicted is difficult, and that’s why we offer services that will provide written notice to your tenants before the eviction process begins. That way, they have time to cure the problem or move from the building before the matter is escalated. As per the Utah eviction laws, the tenant must have written notice so that they can refute the eviction.

Getting the Courts or Authorities Involved

In rare cases when the tenant refuses to leave or refutes the reasons for eviction, the eviction law specialists at Utah Landlord Support Services can work with you to either get the authorities involved or to take the case to court. If the case goes to court, we promise to represent you in such a way that gives you a better chance of having the case turn out in your favor.

If you are having a difficult time with a tenant or are not getting the rent or CAM fee payments that you and the commercial tenant agreed upon, let Landlord Support Services know. We can walk you through the difficult eviction process and do all the hard work for you for a reasonable price. Call us today at (801)-476-0303.