Nobody wants to be the bad guy, but, when your livelihood depends on the tenants you have, ensuring that they always pay their rent money is important. If it comes down to it where you have to evict one or more of your tenants for not paying the agreed upon amount of rent, you still might be out some of the money they owe you.

Because money owed by past tenants is sometimes the most difficult to recover, you need professional help. At Landlord Support Services in Utah, we specialize in recovering funds from ex-tenants quickly and effectively. We won’t give up on getting you the money you deserve.

Diligent Collection Services Provide Quicker Results

We understand that your ex-tenant has put you in a difficult situation. You need the money that they would have given you as quickly as possible so you can keep up on your bills and keep up a reputation with your other tenants. With that in mind, Landlord Support Services does everything we can to make sure that the money gets into the right hands.

With collections, sometimes you have to be aggressive to get results. That’s why all of the employees here at Landlord Support Services are educated and trained in the best ways to handle collections. That way, we can boost your chances of getting the money that is owed to you back.

Effective Collections for All Utah Landlords

Because ex-tenants are notoriously tricky to get a hold of, not to mention the difficulty in getting them to pay up the money they owe you, we employ creative methods of finding your ex-tenants and talking to them about the importance of paying back what is owed. Though some estimates say that only 3-5 percent of ex-tenant collections are recoverable, we can significantly boost those chances.

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