Landlord Services Offered

The services offered by our landlord attorney Utah office include the following:


Residential Evictions

Whether you have a non-paying tenant or a tenant causing a nuisance to other tenants of your property, we can help you get them out quickly, professionally and effectively while working within your budget. We offer flat fee pricing for various stages of the eviction as well as discount pricing for owners of multiple units. 


Commercial Evictions

Although evicting a tenant from a commercial property can be more complicated and time consuming, we can help you in keeping costs to a minimum, advising you in dealing with abandoned personal property and working to get the tenant out of your property to allow you to obtain a new tenant for the space and once again collect rents as quickly as possible. 


Post-Foreclosure Evictions

Whether you have foreclosed on a residential property or commercial property, sometimes the borrowers refuse to leave. Other times you are just changing the use of the property and need to work through a transition with the current tenants. The federal government and several state legislatures have passed laws containing additional requirements that must be met when dealing with tenants both during and following a foreclosure. We have the expertise you need to be assured your goals are met and your property can be restored to you or as efficiently as possible.



It is one thing to get people out of your property and obtain a judgment, but often the biggest problem is collecting on your judgment. We can help you during your initial application process to make sure you get all of the information you need to make collections more likely later on. If you were unable to obtain some crucial information, we can help you locate it. We will aggressively pursue collection of your judgment to help you recoup your losses.


Leases and Applications

As they say “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. The best preventative medicine to avoid many pitfalls as a landlord is to have a solid lease in place from the very beginning. We can help you tailor your lease to your particular needs and property as well as assure that your lease contains all of the crucial language and provisions to protect you if things go badly down the road.


Business Entities

One of the best and easiest ways for you to protect yourself against tenant claims related to your property is to organize your business as a limited liability company or corporation. We can help guide you through the various types of entities based on your management style, goals and needs. We will also give you the tools you will need to manage the business entity correctly and efficiently to allow you to receive the full benefits of the limited liability or corporate veil.


Landlord Rights in Bankruptcy

One the most frustrating times for a Landlord can occur when a tenant files for bankruptcy protection. Our office has wide experience in assisting landlords through a tenant’s bankruptcy. We can help provide some clarity and direction in this often difficult and frustrating process. Whether you need assistance filing a proof of claim or seeking relief from the automatic stay in order to proceed with an eviction in Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, our office can help protect your interests as a creditor in bankruptcy court.


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